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    Smile difference in 66e and 66v cylinders

    what is the diff. in the e and v cylinders is it porting or something else as both are nikasil,and both look same, i am asking because i never have one of each in at same time ,are they interchangeable like the older cylinders of the 701 ,i am talking about the newer 800 cylinders and 1200 cylinders thanks for your help>Marvin

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    they are the same bore, but the ports are different. I would not mix and match 800 and 1200 cyls. I have a spare 66e/800 cyl and piston if you need one.
    You can put 1200 cyls on a 800 and likewise 800 cyls on a 1200

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    i was curious if they were interchangeable,i have spare v cylinder and piston,re-nikasiled,but the 66e that came in only needs a piston and rings,rings did not break and bore was not damaged.if i remember correctly red piston is for 0-5 orange for 5-10 green 10-15 and purple 15-20?? is this correct. i do so many different types of skis,and specialize in older 2 strokes ,i mostly only get 1200 engines thru here as the rear oil lines come off,and i swap out converters,when rebuilding,thanks>Marvin

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    How much do u want for the 66e cylinder & piston?

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    So, are the 66v pistons the same as the 66e pistons? The reason for asking is that I have a GP 800 that needs a new piston and cylinder replated. I was wondering if I could put a 66v piston in it from a gp 1200.

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    The 66V pistons will work in both the 66E & 66V cylinders. The port timing of the exhaust is different on the 66E. Do Not Try to Mix E & V Cylinders - on the Same Engine.

    The casting marks on the side of the cylinder indicate a 66V or 66E. You can look at the transfer ports next to the exhaust port. The side of the 66E is wider at the bottom - angled to match exhaust. In porting terms; it is undercut. Angled under the exhaust to give more area. 66V ports are straight up and down on both sides.


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    Now that I have both together(spare66v and 66E) it is real easy to see the difference in transfer ports,the 66E cylinders look to be better or larger transfer ports,Just remember when mixing pistons that yamaha has 4 std size pistons for E and V cylinders be sure to order the piston whose color goes with bore stamp 0-5,5-10,10-15-etc one size std rings but pistons are .001 diff. in size thanks>Marvin

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