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    Smile EMM interchanging

    Since kawasaki and polaris emm are same,I wonder if they are interchangeable they both have exact same plugs,wires,etc.I wonder if the only difference is the firmware installed on it,or if even that is the same as they all had to pay royaltys since its patented,or if both kawa and polaris bought them already built from same manufacturer.I know the injectors look same also and bolt right up.heck if this is the case ,you could just go find an evinrude with ficht,(v6 )use one banks emm???just wondering,might be cheaper ,finding one that way send to dfi and update or fix it???>marvin

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    I'm talking out of my rear, but I would be surprised if the calibrations inside the EMM's are identical. The software certainly could be, but when you change things like displacement, intake, or exhaust systems, that usually mandates unique "tuning."

    Just my opinion based on automotive experience with the same situation.

    Having said that, it's possible that you could take a Kaw or Evinrude EMM and "flash" the Polaris cal into it and make it work just fine.

    Just remember.....the EMM is supposedly matched to the injectors, so at bare minimum, you're supposed to update the injector map in the EMM for the exact set of injectors you are using.

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    You could call DFI and ask them what non-Polaris EMMs could be programmed to work on a Polaris Ficht engine.

    DFI may be limited by copyright restrictions from loading a Polaris firmware into a Kawasaki or Tigershark EMM, even if the EMM hardware was the same

    I do know that these EMM have some features/capabilities that are not utilized on the Polaris implementations.

    The Kawasaki and Tigershark versions are configured a little differently, but the overall system operation is the same. Open loop fuel mapping with only basic sensor inputs (air temp, water temp, air pressure).

    The programming in these Ficht EMM is very tightly matched to the fuel requirements and operating characteristics of each engine design. Every change in engine breathing must be matched by the EMM fuel delivery mapping.

    Have a look at what Group K went through to offer a performance boost for the Kawasaki STX 1100 DI Ficht engine. Every step carefully managed and compensated.

    Group K did manage to get a stock 53mph hull to run 60+mph in Stage 2 tune, which is not shabby, considering there were zero changes made to the Ficht injection system.

    And the fuel economy was improved, despite the added speed.

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