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Thread: cyl. head

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    cyl. head

    alright i got one of two ways i can do this...i have the flow numbers for the cnc ported heads in the online store....but i can't seem to find the flow numbers for the rotax racing head....i'm sure the rotax racing head will outflow the ported stocker....but i just want to see some flow numbers before making my decision...does anyone no where i can find these? i've searched and searched....

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    Good luck finding flow numbers on the Rotax Racing head. I've never seen them.

    I do know that they CNC port the intake side but leave the exhaust side alone.

    I've used the head before and loved it. Performance is better with the WCC big valve head though!

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    All I can say is when using the West Coast/Rude CNC ported Cylinder head. You better have tune up rite.!!

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    thanks to the 2 big hitters for the replies...sound like i'll be happier....and my wallet won't suffer as much with the WCC

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