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    Ultra 150 - hole in case

    Engine compartment was filling full of exhaust, hoped it was because of exhaust gasket, but no luck. The ski was running okay with the seat off, maybe a bit low on power. But revved great on the trailer.

    When taking off the carbs i found a cracked oil line to the middle cylinder so I pulled the heads.

    Piston 2 looked oil starved, but cylinder didn't look too bad.

    Piston 1 looked great, but I knew it had slightly low compression so I pulled the jug to check the rings. Piston skirt is completely collapsed/gone. No oil starvation, just piston failure, maybe due to weakened rings/blowby?

    I flipped the engine around and there is a gaping hole the size of an open matchbox in the case. I am going to get a hoist and pull the engine out later, but the crank, etc... seems to be fine still.

    Can a hole the size of a matchbook be welded in these cases?

    Is it possible the piston skirt can collapse and spit out the case without causing any other problems? The cylinder walls, etc... look flawless. Hardly a mark on them. The middle head could use cleaning because of oil starvation, and that's it.

    Can I get by with doing 3 news sets of rings, 1 new piston and welding the case? Or should I replace all 3 pistons to be safe?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Hello mate.

    Yes those cases can be welded so long as the mating faces are not damaged or the crank journals are ok. Post up some pictures and I will be able to see better.

    You may be lucky enough just to redo the top end but just make sure that all the debris is out of the crank before putting back together,.


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    Give us a call, I can better explain what happen and your options..

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