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    Need Fuel/MFD Display for 1995 WaveRaider 1100

    Fairly new to the forums, and have been reading/learning A LOT over the last several days. I am new to the jet skiing sport altogether and I've been able to find most of the stuff that I was curious about.

    I am trying to track down a Multi-function display for a 1995 waveraider 1100. Part Number: GJ1-6820A-00-00 I haven't had much luck and was wondering if anybody might be able to help. The screen I have now is cracked and won't display information clearly/correctly. I don't have the money to buy a new one for $500 (that would be 1/3 of what I paid for the ski!), and was hoping to find a used one from someone. Any help, as usual, is GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks!

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    See them posted for sale in the with Crashhard...and someone else had one for a long time


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    Keep an eye on Ebay also, I saw one there just last week.

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