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    Confusion with names for magnetos/cylinders

    Hopefully you're all out on your skis as I write this.

    In my search for all the knowledge I can get on my stock '04 MSX 150, I am confused about the naming of the two cylinders. Then again, I suppose it's not really confusion I'm feeling, it's just lack of understandable knowledge (the key word, of course, being: understandable) about this.

    So, could someone please 'splain to me the business about the MAG cylinder vs the PTO cylinder?

    I've been trying to find more info on this, but time got short on me. I've been through the manual, and though they use the titles many times, I have yet to find out what MAG and PTO mean TO ME. Can someone lay out the reason why the cylinders are named, and what the names mean as they relate to their function (other than cyl #1 & cyl #2, I mean)? If the names were just to identify the cylinders, they would have just said Cylinder 1 and Cylinder 2 or some such.


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    MAG= Magneto flywheel and charging stator end or the front cylinder.
    CTR= Center or middle cylinder
    PTO= Power Take Off Where the power is transmitted rear cylinder.

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