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    Thumbs up 1996 polaris slt 700

    i have a 1996 polaris slt 700 pwc with all parts but engine.
    hull is in good shape.

    it litterally has all the parts and they all work, the reason for it not having an engine is that the engine siezed and i do not have the time or the patients for it.

    i am asking $300.00 cdn obo.
    you must pick up.
    trailer not included.
    i do have the original bill of sale.

    i live just out of spruce grove Alberta.
    again you must pick up.
    call me at 780 240 6817
    i am availiable anytime but please remember my timezone.

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    Do you have a working CDI from the 96 sly 700? if so how much?

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    I have everything for it.
    I want to sell the whole thing, I dont want to part out.
    I am reducing the price for the whole thing 150.00 cdn takes it home.
    Same conditions as before you must pick up.

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    really i dont know if there is dumps in canada but if you part that ski out on ebay you be looking at 300-900 $ in extra cash

    and then take 20 $ and 20 mins to take it to the dump

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    ok ill do a part out.
    bone the dumps are free where i am so there is no problem there.
    ranger ill let the electrical box go for $60 if you want all the guts like the fuel pump and fuel guage then ill have to bump it up to $100 including shipping, all my prices will be canadian. i will ship using ups.
    i will try and get a paypal account today.

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    my aypal is set up let me know if you want anything.

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    hell dump it out there , iv always wanted to see if there was one of there so i could to turn it in to a floating cooler / fuel depot

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    Your ski, does it have an MFD or just a fuel guage?

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    it is just a gas guage

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    please pm me with any questions

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