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    1999 seadoo gsx not starting

    Hi, I have a freind with a 99 gsx seadoo 800 EFI, she is complaing of it not starting right,but only after it is started about 5-6 times in a row. After about the 6th time of shuting it off ,and trying to start it in a row she says you can hear the starting "whineing"??? (not fully ingaging im guessing) just wondering if she my be killing the battery in the process?? Not enough left to crank it over?? I know they are hard to start to begin with, have to pump the throttle lots to get it going. Any ideas???

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    It's a RFI engine, and it should start immediately. Something is up with the fuel injection if you have to make multiple attempts. It could be dirty fuel injectors, you can try running a can of Sea Foam through it. Otherwise, it might be time for a dealer to look at it.

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