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    Which Yamaha 3 seater?

    OK here goes:
    I have a 98 Yamaha 1200 XL non-pv machine that is reliable and does what I want it to do. Family stuff/towing/riding. I put a SBT motor in it and it is super reliable. No reason to buy anything else, which means it's time to BUY AGAIN!
    Having a little more money than sense, what ski would you reccommend from Yamaha that is a 3 seater that has good performance?
    I've read tons of posts on the old seadoo vs. yamaha, but I am familiar with yamaha and they seem to be very reliable. Since I've done the 2 stroke gig, I wouldn't mind buying a low hours used 4 stroker but my main interest is RELIABILITY + I would ike to go +60.

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    Get the sho my neighbor has one it beats me out of the hole bad but i get him on topend and it looks nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zx11rider View Post
    Get the sho my neighbor has one it beats me out of the hole bad but i get him on topend and it looks nice.
    +1... Can't go wrong with an SHO. Looks AMAZING and it has great features.

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