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Thread: 750 fuel issue

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    750 fuel issue

    hey kawi guys I have this sts 750 that origionally the ski would run but had no top end power and would bog. I pulled the carbs and sure enough dirty as heck. cleaned them and cleaned the fuel lines tank and pet****.put fresh gas in and a new fuel filter. Took it to the lake and it ran great for about 5-10 minutes. I pulled the killswitch then started it back up and sure enough it just bogs right away. took the ski back and went though the carbs again they were clean. took it back to the lake again runs great for a bit then when i kill it and turn it back on it bogs right away. it takes a little bit of nursing the throttle and I can get it to run good again but then i kill it it does it again. the engine has 135 psi of compression each cylinder the reeds are good and the fuel systm is clean. it doesn't act like an ignition problem it is pumping oil, the cooling system is working and the engine is not overheating what is wrong with this thing? maybe the fuel pump? I didn't install new diaphrams or gaskets just cleaned the carbs do you think that would be it? any response would be greatly appreciated

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    I don't know how old it is or if it sat for a while but my 1994 750SS (which had sat for several years before I bought it) had a similar problem. I ended up pulling the pickup out of the tank and found both tubes cracked from top to bottom and both pickup filters off. On top of that, the tank side of the pickup was completely covered with corrosion and it was blocking the vent and return lines. I cleaned up the corrosion, cleared the vent and return passages, cut the old tubes down to about 1" long, and clamped a new hose over them to make a new pickup set up. So far the ski is working great now and I think I have my bogging/stalling/dieing problem licked. Its worth a shot.


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