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    New member needs help (Carbs)

    Hello everyone. My name is Patrick and I just purchased a 01 GP1200r and an 04 GP1300r knowing the 1200 had an issue with a sticking throttle.

    For the sticking throttle I am using the process posted by sleeper_dave. Heres the thing. I know so very very little about carbs. They are before my time When I went to auto school we didnt even touch on them. Anyways, I want to make sure this is something easily done. I am very mechanically inclined. So if you guys say this is something I can do, I will do it. Also, since the ski is 8 years old, would it be a good idea to have the carbs rebuilt?

    What other maintenance things can I do while I have it apart?

    One last thing. The water and exhaust temp sensor have been cut out but when it was running, no lights or beeping went off. Shouldnt something happen if they were cut?

    Thanks in advance for the help. Ive been reading posts on here and it seems you guys really know the trade very well so that why I thought I would post here.


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    welcome to the board for starters, boy have you found the right place but m first peice of advice is to cut up your credit card because everyone here sells us members discounted parts

    now as you are new to carbs and ski's in general i recommend you send your carbs to osidebill, he rebuilds everyone's around here and is a genius when it comes to all things carbed, just ask anyone and you will know its done right the first time around. He will also remove the choke plates and replace the mixture screws with t handles which you want in actual fact i am about to go pull my novis off my 02 gpr to send to him ( yes bill i really am this time ) so they can be rebuilt properly once and for all.

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    Yes the carbs should be cleaned/rebuilt. The temp sensor may be disconnected for a D-plate install.

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    Wow guys thanks for the fast responces. I will def contact OsideBill. I saw his post on carb rejetting. He knows hes doing that for sure.

    When I had the exhaust off I did see something that looked like a d-plate. So I guess there is a d-plate I thought you had to have a sensor chip? I didnt really notice if it had one or not. I just noticed the cut sensor.

    Edit: Just went outside and did a quick inspection. D-plate and chip done already. One less thing Ill have to purchase!

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    Welcome TQ !

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