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    Oops - look what can happen

    On Father's Day my wife and I decided to head out to the lake for a couple of hours before dinner. On my first ride, btw I was wearing Jet Pilot rubber boots, I was warming up the ski and getting used to the lake and conditions, I was going around 50mph and doing some shallow S-turns. I was merrily on my way when I went over a small wave and the bow caught in the face of the next wave spinning the Doo underneath me, my rubber boot, along with my foot got wedged in the footwell, while the rest of me was launched over the opposite side of the ski - as soon as I took my first stroke underwater I knew my leg was messed up. I made it back to the ski hauled myself up using just upper body strength and my ankle was just dangling at the end of my leg inside the boot. I made it back to the dock area and the sheriffs called the ambulance. My ankle was broke in three places, being wedged in the footwell it was twisted and then was popped out of joint. After two hours of surgery and 9 screws and a metal plate the ankle was back together. I can not put any weight on it for 4 weeks then I will have the pleasure of going through physical therapy for another 4 to 8 weeks - shot the hell out of my summer. Sheriffs think that it was probably a rogue wave created by multiple wakes - sometimes the wakes and waves merge and just pop up bigger than you think they should.

    Moral of the story - accidents can happen anywhere anytime but I will never ride any different

    hopefully come September I can throw a wetsuit on and get a couple rides in before the skis are winterized
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    Sorry to hear that bro. I know that has to suck. At least you know you will be back to normal in a few months with no permanent damage.

    Makes me think how lucky most of us are zooming around and 70+ MPH..

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    oh damn. That sucks. Good luck getting back on the water.

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    So much for getting through the metal detector at the airport That sucks bro... best of luck in your recovery!!!

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    That looks very painful.Hope you have a fast recovery.

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    man i broke my big toe right at my foot jet skiing... i thought that sucked riding back with toe let alone ankle... ugh thats nasty man... good luck recovering.

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    Sorry to hear about that ..Hope you get better soon.


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    My ankle hurts just looking at the x-ray.
    Get well soon.

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    Very sorry to hear this.

    This is a perfect example of why I don't really recommend side lifter wedges in a watercraft to others.

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    Ouch, and on fathers day.That sucks

    Best of on your recovery.

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