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    finally going to give my x4 a rest and see what the rxp has to offer

    It's been hard to admit that my good ol x4 has to be set aside for the top speed monster rxp. I've just bought a 08 rxp new in box and want to do the right upgrades the first time. i'm sure I've come to the right place. what should i do first? i've read all riva stages and know that there has to be pros and cons. I would like to be in the 75+ club. I will break in the engine, what is the right amount of hours after the break in to start the mods. any help for the newbe would be great, thanks

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    I started modding the day after I brought my ski back from getting the 10 hour service done. I haven't done any power adders yet, but I don't see why you wouldn't be able to do them immediately after the 10 hour.

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    i did my ski 2008 x after 4 hours on the ski and i went balls to the walls. and running 18.5 psi e/t supercharger 87.2 gps with no problems

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    put an x charger on it and u will be ahead of the game. then later on as you do upgrades (stage 2 etc.) you can put the et drop in wheel and wont have to worry about getting a different sc

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