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    Question on impeller change

    I bought the 12/22 thru the site and plan to install it next week. I have changed my GPR impeller multiple time so I am not new to the task. I have the shaft tool for holding the splines, but, the Skat Trac kit came with an additional metallic shell that has the profile of the nut area of the impeller - what is this device?

    Another question, I have a GPS and with the current mods (exhaust, intake, arrester removal) I cannot do better than 67-68 mph. I thought that either the high hp Kaw or Seedoo would beat my speed. I raced a ski three times last week, it was green and white with a factory 255 graphic on the hull. Each time I pulled him several lengths out of the gate and then the FZS was several mph faster on top end. He was confused and wanted to know who built the engine. Which ski was this and why would I pull him so badly if my GPS shows a max of 68.

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    That is the Skat prop tool that slides into the nose of the impeller. You will want to use a 1" 6pt closed end wrench on it. It's fairly thin, so using an open end or adjustable wrench will collapse it.

    Not sure what kind of ski you raced, but the hot humid summer weather really affects the power of boosted engines. IMO, the Yami 1800 is not affected as much by the weather since it has more displacement than other brands & doesn't rely as heavily on boost to make power. Congrats on your win.

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    Make sure you use anti seize!!!

    I forgot one time and broke 3 vises in total before I took it to Dale in Sasche, Texas to pop off using the vise he has welded to the table and like a 12 foot breaker bar. After all the sweat I put into it, that was the best hundred and something dollars I ever spent.

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