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    hydrogen power boost

    Has anyone tryed a hydrogen kit on their ski. I'm thinking about moding my ski for the caquse. I have seen it done on cars to stretch fuel and boost power.

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    Link please.

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    Water for fuel huh? That would be pretty convenient.

    Idk, sounds kinda out there. seems like you would need some fancy direct injection system to replace the carbs. What would be the point? I have trouble keeping my pistons in a solid form with gasoline. I think you would need some kind of fuel cell to convert the h20 into h2 using some kind of electrolysis or something like that. I doubt the extra space and weight would ever be worth the "added performance".

    Now if you are talking about a water/meth injection system I think they are only beneficial on a turbo charged application. I have seen many people add water/meth systems to their cars and diesel trucks. One of my buddies with a mazdaspeed 3 tried to explain it to me and completely blew me away. I think it mists or atomizes into the intake charge to lower intake temps (like a liquid intercooler). The other benefit, i think, is the methanol / water mix helps essentially increase the octane level of the fuel to reduce the risk of detonation.

    I dont know exactly what you are trying to do but could be an interesting project either way. If you really do find a way to make water into fuel let me know! all that saved gas money could be put towards triples!

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