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    2005 RXT pictures (SC ingestion) - Help

    If you follow my link to pictures I could use some help

    As I already posted, the gear came off the en of my SC and my motor locked up. I got it out and have done the basic dis assembly and I have pictures and could use some advice.

    #1 - What tool is used to get the piston rod bearings off.... its not metric, Torx or standard?

    #2 - The main bearings don't look bad (i don't think the crank will need turned, but look at the discoloration around the main and rod bearings..... was this caused by lack of oil (if that much heat was generated, why do the bearings not looked siezed?) Or is the discoloration from the heat generated when the crank was manufactured?

    #3 - Advice on the best place to get the parts to rebuild
    I intend to put all new bearings and rings, main and rod bolts
    - What other parts should I replace (I have about 100 hours on the engine), Water pump? Oil Pump? Timing Chain?


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    No help.... Did I forget to say please?

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    Now, now....don't get pissed.

    My bet is some of the guys you need answering your questions aren't on or reading every thread.

    GH, Nils, JD1, dang there are others...shoot some pms.

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    I need a good source for parts.... advice?

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    I would think all that should have to be checked is what is in the pto houseing. Your main bearings and rod bearing should not of even seen any debris from a broke gear.

    Front and back oil pumps Inspect and replace as needed.
    Timming chain
    starter bendix
    clean the bottom cases

    Oh and all the 4tecs motors I have split ( 6 ) had all look discolored on the crank like on your pics.



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    Might not need too much. Find all the parts and pieces. I think there are 40 needle rolls. If it locked up when it broke your oil pumps might even be good. Like said earlier wait for some of the experts to chime in. I think you have gone deep enough though. I would stop taking stuff apart untill I know what I have to do.

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    Thanks for the information.....

    One question I have is about the valves.... since the 05 RXT have been known to throw the #3 valve, since I have it all apart should I put new valves in it?

    I have a dealership about 40 miles away, should I go to them for parts or get them online (if so, where)

    Also, as I finished tearing it down today (I know, you said I could stop, but I love messing with motors and I wanted to see how everything works in this one) I did notice a few teeth got shortened on the SC/Starter gear.... so that gear will have to be replaced.

    So, should I send the SC to jerry to rebuild it? or should it be replaced? (I had pics of the damage in the above link)

    I love the website and appreciate the advice - look forward to finding a source for parts and get this thing back together in time for some summer fun.

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    unless the SC housing got screwed up just send it to Jerry for inspection and rebuild , you can also get all the parts you need from him .

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