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    Adjustable nozzle, or another prop?

    2008 P-X runs 8140-60 at 72.6 mph when it's cool air and water. I'm running a 15/21, R&D grate, and Kanaflex. This might be the right prop later in the summer when it warms up. Do I get an adjustable nozzle or a 15/22? I guess if I do more mods I'll need the 15/22 anyway. Maybe I need both.

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    Just leave it like this.

    It will be perfect when it heats up!

    But that's my opinion,don't think there is much to gain with the nozzleand other prop.

    You can always add some pitch to your prop, +1 mm would give 100 rpm's less.

    Speed is ok for the mods you have.

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    wouldn't it be cool if we had an adjustable nozzle like military jets have but for our doo's

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