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    Building a 4" aluminum intake

    I have had some water ingesting issues with my custom rear intake after removing all other plastic ducting in my ski. I have been wanting to do a 4" aluminum setup. I cant find anyone selling one so I figured I would try to build one. Anyone have insight one building one? Where to find alum tubing, pics of others setups.

    I have ingested water for the last time(i hope) so I want to ensure I dont have to change my oil ever again because it has water in it, but I play a lot and I seem to get a lot of water under the seat. I am concerned with where I will actually place the filter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lafjax View Post

    I got my tubing from here, and the 45's from here

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    i went to an industrial place that sold blower hose/duct hose and they had a 6' piece of scrap 4'' kanaflex for $20 they also have other brands that will do the same thing.

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