Hi guys,

A little background. I bought this ski in '07 with 168 hours on it, the top end and carbs had been rebuilt after it was abused in some fashion. When I got the ski I figured out that at least one of the PV pins had fallen out and there is no telling how many hours it had been ridden in that condition.

Now there is 188 hours on the ski, I have added all the parts in my sig with the latest being the PPK and the Nujet. After adding the PPK and Nujet the cavitation is gone, my speed increased to gps 66.5mph (105 degrees & very humid, very slight chop, just above sea level), my rpms dropped from 6990 to 6730 and the holeshot is very sluggish. The ski runs fine otherwise.

With 172 hrs the compression was 105/105/110, uncertain if valves were open or closed.

It would seem that the rpms should be around 7000 and the holeshot should be much better that what I am experiencing. I have not ridden any other GPRs so I can't compare the holeshots but I know they can't be this slow. I am familiar with the jetworks mod and willing to install that but this feels like there may be something more at play. Before the PPK and prop the holeshot felt much better because the rpms went up very quickly because of the cavitation now it feeling like there is not enough power/torque to spin the prop. Once it hits about 5000 rpms it takes off great.

Also, is it true that with the SBT sleeves installed overall performance will be less than stock?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or comments. It seems like I am very close to getting what I want out of this ski.