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    02 RXDI pump problems

    Thanks in advance for the advice, this site has been a help already!
    Yesterday engine running fine pulling hard, then loss of pump pressure like it was cavitating, idled back. My dealer is about as useless as they come so I decided to DTY. I started looking though this site for help and came to the brilliant conclusion that I had a pump issue, took it off the ski and found that the prop has eaten into the plastic housing above the wear ring. (towards the outlet end) It has 1/8 worth of play when you move the prop up and down (axial play) the prop is a bit nicked up on the edges and it seems to have an excessive gap from the prop to the wear ring. I have ordered the removal tool and will inspect further once the prop is removed.
    OK, so here are the questions...
    1) Is it a big problem that some of the plastic on the inside housing is eaten away above the wear ring?
    2) I will assume that there is a bearing issue because of the amount of up and down play of the prop that allowed it to contact the plastic housing, which bearings,t-washers are in there.
    3) In all of the posts I read about taking this apart it was simply "take the nose cone off" It would be nice if someone had mentioned that there is OIL in It smells like old rear end oil, is that a clue that something is amiss???
    4) Which online store do you guys use that supports this site?

    Thanks again, looking forward to hearing from the jet gurus

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    Click the "Order OEM Parts" for the OEM stuff.

    Dowload the book for your ski off this site and read the part about the pump.

    Thats all I got right now don't know about the pump deal.

    Oh! And Ayeee Boudreaux!

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    ??? anyone ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob1 View Post
    ??? anyone ???
    You have a serious pump bearing failure if your prop can move sideways inside the pump. Hopefully the pump housing isnt damaged or veins are all ok to be used again.
    1)Yes remove the pump
    2) tear it down and try to post a few pictures of all of the components that are damaged .
    Pump bearing kits are reasonable cheap and easy to install and DIY can be useful in learning how they work.
    The pump has a plastic liner that comes out of the pump that sits around the prop.This eventually wears away due to sand,grit,stones,branches etc going through the pump and creates an excess gap between prop and liner.The oil used by seadoo does indeed smell so keep it off your clothes.
    I personally use OEM pump parts ordered through a dealer like here
    Oem don't make kits just order the separate parts that are required.You can use WSM parts from above link as I think they have a rebuild kit for your pump. Post some pictures and lets see what happened.
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