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    My first GP1300r (HELP!)

    Short story. I just bought a 01 GP1200r and a 04 GP1300r. I took the 1300r for the first time today. Let it warm up a few mins and all that good stuff. Got it to WOT and the engine dies. Ok.. Started it back up went wide open again and it dies... Happens a couple more times but then I try to go wide open and it doesnt. Whatever so I started to head back to the dock going a little above idle. The engine starts to spudder and die. Eventually it doesnt start again and thats when I noticed the ski is sitting lower in the water than before I left the dock. You can prob already guess what happened. It took on water. Anyways, someone saw me and towed me back to the dock. I got it home and now I have the plugs out and turned the engine over a couple times.

    My question is what is the proper way to get water out of the engine without destroying it. Does it have to be rebuilt now?

    Needless to say I am highly p!ssed off and have lost all interest in jetskis. $5500 down the drain. If the deal is too good to be true it probably is.


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    Take the plugs out and crank it over till the water is just a mist coming out.
    I would then try to put the plugs in and start it. You need to get that engine started and warmed up in order to get all the water out.
    Pour a small amount of oil down each cylinder and then take it to the lake and run it for a while.

    Time is your enemy right now.

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    You need to get the water out ASAP. Pull the plugs and crank till no water is present. Dump some 2-stroke oil down the plug hole (Teaspoon ish). Get it to fired to burn off any remaining water.

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    Ok I got most of the water out, put the plugs back in and now waiting for dad to get back home with a flush kit. I ran the engine for a few seconds. It does feel like its stumbling a bit. Will any 2 stroke oil work for just pouring a little in or does it have to be yamalube? I have no cat con if that matters. Now do I have to take it back in the water or can I just run it while flushing?

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    you need to take it to a lake and run it for a few hours to be sure you get rid of all the water or you will have alot more problems. How did you get the water in there in the first place??

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    when you get to the lake back it in and let it sit in the water for a few minutes and try to find out where its leaking the water in from, or run it with the seat off and look in the engine compartment for any water squirting around, you need to figure out were the water is coming in from
    good luck

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    look in the back of that ski around the pump tunnel maybe it cracked they are know to do that i would get it to the lake right away and run it or you will lose that crank.

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    Found one of the water hoses came off. We're gonna be taking it back on the water tomorrow. Do I need to let it idle a while before I try to get it at wide open? I also hear a tapping/clacking noise while at idle. Sounds like a rod is about to come through the block, or maybe its paranoia. Also when I had the plugs out turning it over it felt like the middle cylidner wasing pushing out as much at as the other two. Im about to go get a compression tester now..

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    dude what part of run it now don't you understand
    the crank will rust if you do not get the water out
    and their is only 1 way fill the gas tank and ride until it's empty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    listen to what everyone is saying, if you run the ski for an hour or so in the lake you will be all set, my ski sunk twice in the ocean & both time i imediatly pulled the plugs, cranked it untill all the water was out, poured mystery oil in each plug hole cranked it some more, put the plugs in & fired it up, took it back to the ocean & rode the hell out of it, that was las season & the ski is still running great so if you do all this it will be ok, if you say the hell with it you will loose $5500.00 & that will be your fault

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