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    Question No Start?

    I bought a used 2000 GTX DI and was having problems keeping the battery charged. I bought a new battery and was out for about 15 min. when the new battery died. So now i replaced the rectifier and now it won't start. Could it be the starter? What's my next step? Thanks for the help guys.

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    Check all grounds first and make sure terminals are clean especially on starter end also find the silenoid (the positive wire from battery will hook up to this) and jump the two big nuts on it itll spark so be sure theres no fuel leaks anywhere

    also if you jump the silenoid and you get nothing get jumper cables and run another wire from negative on battery to engine but not on the carbs.

    let us know what happens
    (Fyi silenoids in the electrical box)

    if you do get it started check the voltage on the battery when running look for 13V when running at idle and 14-15 when you rev up.

    EDIT: Welcome to green hulk
    if you have a good multmeter with ohms on it take the battery out and put positive cable on pos in multimeter same for negative youll be looking for a VERY small reading if you get a large reading you have a draw somewhere

    last but not least if you get it running and rev it up with the multimeter on and you get 16 or 17 the voltage regulators bad well you just replaced it
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    Thanks Katz1002...I'll get started soon and keep you posted.

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