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    1996 GP1200 won't start

    I was riding the ski over the 4th of july when she stalled out. I couldn't get her started again all day, in or out of the water. Checked for spark, it was OK, but still changed the plugs. There is gas going to the carbs also. The next day however she started to start, but would rev up as soon as she started. Any thoughts on what the problem may be. Thanks CB1100

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    carbs? I would suspect you likely need to go through them...and rebuild them. I also would recommend a compression test to ensure not damage is done.


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    Where did you get a 1986 GP1200?

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    Sorry I meant a 1996. I've had the ski for about 4 or 5 years and its run great, got it from a guy in PA. Its had some minor performance work done to it, as the carbs and a couple other things are riva. Last year the hose came off the baffle in the engine compartment, however, and filled the compartment 3/4 of the way with water and I was lucky to make it to land. But I've driven it a few times since with no problems. I also notice a puff of smoke towards the front of the engine when I shut it off after the engine starts reving up. I'm wondering if a blown head gasket, if there is one, would cause the engine to rev up. Thanks CB1100

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    a puff of smoke might mean the exhuast leak but your othere things i would say the seal is going bad letting free rev

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    Thanks I'll look around in the engine compartment some more to see if I can figure out where the smoke is coming from. I guess I'll do compression tess first, as I will have to take off a few parts first to be able to look around, ie the carbs and bracket. Any ideas on where to get a good service/parts manual, I seen soime on the inernet, but I am new at this and want to make sure I get an informative manual and not just a operators manuual. Thx CB11oo

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    How about a 97 98 or 99 GP

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