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    Angry Was it a neoprene seal or a pump spacer?


    1998 SeaDoo SPX. I rebuilt the jet pump (bearings and seal) and installed a new wear ring last night. All looks good and within spec. However, when I went to install the pump housing back onto the craft I noticed that it did not want to fit flush. What was in the way of the housing were “pieces” of what looked to be a brittle pump spacer. (Or maybe it was a more rigid type of neoprene seal?) It was ½ inch deep. Backside was flat and the front side had a rigid groove to accept the raised lip from the wear ring. WHAT WAS THIS THING? (Only have pieces but could send pictures if needed.)

    I cleaned that thing off the craft’s hull and tried to install the pump with just some caulk in place of this thing. But unfortunately I could not tighten the pump housing down much at all without causing it to “bind”. (Would not allow the impellor / thrust washer to move in and out which is needed for proper lubrication from the oil in the nose cone.)

    So I guess that part was needed!? Was it a pump spacer? I can’t find that in any drawings. Of course I know a neoprene seal is usually used but those things are not rigid are they? The thing I’m describing was solid and had a groove for the wear ring lip to fit into. It was just brittle and had snapped in many places.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    are you sure it was'nt the neoprene seal with pieces of the old brittle wear ring broke off and stock to the seal. We have seen this on the older sea doo's. The black plastic on the wear ring gets brittle and falls apart.

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