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    WTB Carbs for a 95 750 slt

    Well it looks like i may need new carbs for my 95 750 slt. I have never rebuilt carbs before and not really sure i want to!! So if you have one that is in good working order I am interested.


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    If you really don't want to dig into your own carbs, you can have them professionally rebuilt.

    There are a number of places that can do this for you. Some of them are members here.

    One that is well regarded is Randy at Watcon

    If you want to see what is involved, have a look here;
    Polaris Fuji (blue) engine

    Mikuni Super BN (SBN) carburetor manual
    Mikuni Super BN (SBN) carburetor rebuild guide

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    Jeff, there really simple. If you decide you want to do them yourself let me know and ill come over and give you a hand.

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    how bout that

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    we do carbs here also. i am just over in WI, and we use genuine mikuni parts.

    send me an email or call the shop during the week if i can help. thanks.

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    Looks like im going to rebuild my old set, Thanks for the offer tho.

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