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    230 challenger 510

    just got the new 510 230 challenger its an awesome boat i have the speedster 200 also a great boat the 510 has some really sloppy handling nothing like the 200 but such a awesome boat got it up to 60 today in choppy water on the gps still breaking it in by the way if anyone is interested im selling the 08 speedster 200 mint with the extended warranty just want what i owe its alot i got screwed by crazy fredys but i got the new one in fl on vaction could not beat the price they gave me for that thing i had to take it ill never buy anything from crazy fredys they suck if there is anyone wanting to get the 230 510 challenger do it just as fast as the 200 speedster the 200 has faster pickup in the chop you leave it behind like its standing still for those of us who ride in choppy water its awesome my 200 feels like its gonna split in half when it hits the waves lol well anyway its an awesome boat just wanted to share my excitement lol seadoo should pay me for this lmao

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    PIX OR BAN!!! I kid, for real though post up some pics, and of your old boat too. What do you owe on it?? How many hours?? what year???

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    boat is sold sorry

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