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    supercharger impeller seems to wobble???

    Ive just replaced the bearings in my b kit, and installed the impeller. With the front cover off and spinning the shaft by hand, and watching the impeller it seems to wobble a bit. It doesnt seem to run true to the edge of the housing, i checked the shaft for straightness it was fine, has anyone seen this with the aftermarket impellers?? Im concerned this might rattle itself to bits at high rpm.. Never had a problem with the charger before just doing routine maintenance..

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    have seen it before and guessed that although the wheel is made slightly out of round it will have been balanced that way so cant be changed

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    Doesn't seem right to me.

    Don't forget the impeller spins with 45000 rpm's in the superchargerhousing.

    A lot of damage can be done,if the impeller is not balanced ok.

    Just double check to be safe!

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    Me either...
    Don't install that sc with the will ruin the sc and maybe get into them motor.

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    Can u wobble it and make it touch down by hand? Thats scary, I am so glad my turbo pipes are getting welded together as we speak, a sc failure is no joke dude, its awful and you are right in the middle of the riding season, I would get some new bearings and take it from there. 2 weeks and $100 is better than a $2000 sc failure! Take it from me man.

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