I recently got an 07 Rotax Racing ECU to run on my RXP-X. I also have a Display from a boat that is backlit red, I love it, super cool So when I swapped in the RR Racing ECU in place of my OEM X ECU I noticed the trim positions didn't show up on the LCD!! So I put the OEM ecu back in so that I can set the trim at 1/4 down, figured I'd roll with it like that for the day. The VTS poistion is then displayed on the display, and I set it at 1/4 from down. Then I swapped the RR ECU back in, and just to see, had a friend of mine hit the trim buttons, and it still worked, even though the posistion indicator were not displayed on the dash. I put the OEM dash back in, which then did display the trim indicator, and of course the VTS still worked. I just love how flexible the RR ECU is. Too bad no knock control It's only flaw if you ask me, I can feel the timing difference over the X ECU. Anyway Just an FYI, apparently you don't have to have features activated through buds to make them work with an RR ECU, but the info just may no be displayed on the screen, haha. RR ECU's do very weird things!!