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    where are the mixture screws on the tripple kein carbs

    Please help someone

    I rebuilt a zxi 1100 with a 1mm over bore. I started it up and ran it with the carb on the stock settings and it just wants to bogg out. I am guessing its to lean. It also seems to be getting really hot in the 20-30 seconds it running. I pointed a snap-on temp shooter at the head, after I ran it under a minute on the garden hose and it said 190F. Is this a normal temp and or does it have something to do with the lean carbs.

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    wow 190 seems hot. I can put my hand on my head without it burning even after a full throttle run. the mixture screws are hard to get at, and many people just take the carbs off to adjust them. With a small mirror you can see them and maybe get your fingers or small pliers on them. I think they still sell a kit somewhere that puts a "T" on the end so you can adjust them easier....

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    130 is about normal.. Its not a good idea to check temps on the hose.. Take the ski to the water and leave it in the trailer at the ramp and check the temps..

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