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    I purchased these ski's in a package deal. The blue ski has a 550 engine. I was told by the person I bought these from that the blue was an 88, but after checking further I think it's actually a 78 although it looks Identical to the 89. The yellow ski has no engine but has a pump, and alot of other parts. I purchased these ski's as a package deal for my sons Birthday and he decided to keep the other and sell these. The 550 has jetsport intake, head, exhaust manifold, expansion chamber, and muffler, was told it has weisco pistons (I have not verified this). Is has an aftermarket impeller. The engine has 140-150 pounds of compression. I heard the engine run when purchased and runs well.. It will need a battery and possibly a starter. It needs a few other odds and ends. These ski's ARE projects. But with a little work will be awesome. I have never had them in the water, I am only listing them a few days then Will be sold on ebay, I need them out of the yard. I have a bill of sale (The one that was provided to me by the seller).
    Just the aftermarket parts on the Blue Ski is worth my asking price. The price is firm, and NO I will not ship to Africa.. Sorry... Any questions please ask..

    400 dollars.. For both..

    I am in dallas Ga.
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