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    Jax Area... GPS

    Sorry if this has been answered previously. I am new to the forum and started searching for the answer, and just got sucked in to all the other topics (i'm adhd). Love this place!

    Ok, so I'm looking at buying a couple of PWC's within the next couple of weeks (probably as soon as i find the best deal that satisfies me). I need to find the best possible GPS system. I need it to be waterproof, so the bodies of water, give directions if needed and even show marina's or places to fuel up. What's everyone's suggestions???


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    How large a unit?

    You can look at handheld models, or the larger screen models that are meant to be mounted.

    Handheld - I use a Garmin GPSMap76CSx. Waterproof, rugged, accepts the Garmin Nautical charts, and has several mounting options.

    I find the screen to be too small to read when I am actually riding at speed. Does not show enough detail when zoomed out enough that I can see where I am going before I get there. If I zoom in so I can see the icons for rocks, etc, then the entire screen is only show the next few seconds of water distance.

    I have not tried one yet, but the much larger (and more expensive) Garmin GPSMap640 or 620 looks very interesting. The screen is much larger at 5.2 inches, and higher resolution. It is a touch screen, so the it should be easy to use.

    Waterproof, it has separate mounts for marine and land use, and automatically switches to Marine mode when clipped into the marine mount.

    It is compatible with the high resolution Garmin BlueCharts on chip, and the Garmin G2 Vision charts, which have even more info and underwater views.

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    If you buy a newer SeaDoo they make a glovebox cover that a garmin 76 series unit snaps right into. That's what I have and i'm very happy with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulthepwner View Post
    If you buy a newer SeaDoo they make a glovebox cover that a garmin 76 series unit snaps right into. That's what I have and i'm very happy with it.

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