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    stx 1200 has been sitting up !

    I am looking at buying an 04 STX 1200. I am woking on it for a friend and I might buy it from her. The problem is this jetski has been sitting for the past two years. I put a new battery in it and the motor would turn over about three times then stop. After a minute or so the motor would roll over the same way. I took the spark plugs out to check for much dreaded water. It shot oil out of the spark plugs.

    I plan on rolling the motor over with a towel on top to soak up all the oil. Is there anything else I need to check?

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    If you have it out pull the intakes and reeds and make sure the bottom end isnt full of oil too. I would also put all new oil lines on before running it. This should help with what you need.

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    Thanks for the info on the oil lines. Is the oil pump reliable? I think a friend of mine had an Ultra 150 blow up because of oil pump problems.

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    The oil pump is reliable but the lines are known to crack and kill the motor. Thats why I suggested to replace them while you are in there. I have never hear of an oil pump failing on an ultra/stxr but I have heard of alot cracking lines.

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    Make sure you ground the spark plug wires when cranking with the plugs out. Failure to do this can result in frying the ignition box.

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    yup. Check the lines after your rides too, usually they will leak a little oil before cracking completely and costing you a cylinder.... I keep them clean, and then use a white rag to help inspect them..

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    Thanks. The lady that owns it took it to the stealership.

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