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    need a 4 degree keyway for gp1300r overnighted...who actually sells them close to MA?

    tagline says it all...yea its in the wrong spot...however theres a million hits here and I'm tired of bothering Rich (WFO). I need a keyway overnighted for Tuesday...Rich if you don't mind and can make it happen send me a PM.


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    I got a new 4*Key that I bought from WFO. I need the key maybe by end of next week so I could order a new one from WFO.
    I live in VA- at least not to far away. Let me know and I would ship tomorrow via overnight to you. Price: what I paid from WFO+ shipping or just the shipping and you can order one from WFO for me.

    Let me know!

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    got em in stock fellas and can send asap monday

    let me know...

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    Buy two there small

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