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    Virage TX temporary power loss

    After a short run at WOT the boat occasionally cuts off power.
    All I get is a "ta-ta-ta-ta" for a few seconds until I can go again.
    Otherwise it's running awesome. The red LED on the dash will
    flash a couple times, but it doesn't say anything. What's up?

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    Do you completely lose power, or does it drop down to around 3000-4000RPM?

    I am wondering if you an intermittent overheat signal, either from the heat sensor, or the Tan wire shorting against something.

    Find the temp sensor, and follow the Tan wire along back to the electrical box. Look for any signs of worn insulation and the like.

    If it all looks good, disconnect the Tan wire inside the electrical box, seal it up, and go for a test ride.

    If disconnecting the Tan wire fixes the problem, you need to figure out why it is triggering overheat signal. Might be a bad sensor, or the engine could actually be right on the edge of overheating for some reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K447 View Post
    Do you completely lose power, or does it drop down to around 3000-4000RPM?
    Unfortunately I was not watching the RPMs at the time.
    My riding came to a screeching halt, though, for those few
    seconds. At first I thought I sucked up something into the
    pump because I was not making any forward progress. So
    maybe it was not even getting 3-4000 RPM.

    I will need to keep an eye on that the next time I take it out.

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