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    A little more fuel to my GP BB 1300.

    Have a question regarding carbs and fuel. Bought a gp1200 bord to BB 1300 and ported by Tim Judge. This ski was tuned for miami, but has now arrived here in sweden. Now, I just want to give it some more fuel for protection, there are no difference in elevation, but a bit colder and less humidity. So a little more fuel should not hurt, but dont want to mess up all the tunning thats allready done. Just better being a little rich than sorry

    Donīt really know anything about carbs, but If I want to give it some more fuel how much should I turn the adjuster screws. And could anyone tell me or even better show a picture what screw on the carbs I should adjust. The carbs should have been built by carl at islandracing.

    Thanks guys

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    There are six screws 3 on top 3 on bottom. The bottom screws are low speed adjusters and the tops are high speed adjusters. Turning them counter clockwise will add fuel. I would start a 1/4 turn out from where they are, then adjust for proper rpms and smooth transition. The Screws or t-handles are not easy to access on the GPR it is much easier to do with the pipe removed. If I remember correctly you have the S3 Stinger so it is a little easier. I have attached a picture with the carbs installed the three high t-handles are visible. The lows you will have to get in there and feel for them.

    I have attached a link to some good info regarding carb tuning.
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    Thanks Bill

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