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    Rolling a 4-tec?

    Hey guys, I was out at the beach today and I saw someone roll an 05 RXP. He had it flipped over for a good 30-45 seconds. It just so happens that a few hours later when we were pulling my aunts ski out at the launch they were next to us. We asked them if they had rolled it and one guy said yea he rolled it, it was the owners friend (oh yea, it was his first time on a ski too...go figure ). We told them they should bring it in to have it checked out but the owner said he didnt want to bother with it, but after we talked a bit he said he would. Now I know with 2 strokes if u roll them u need to like flush the whole engine and crap, but are 4 tecs less work and more resistant to roll overs?

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    If any of the cylinders injest water, and someone tries to start the engine, one or more connecting rods may get bent during the process. A few hours later, the rod will break and break thru the engine case. The best thing to do is pull the plugs before trying to start the engine after the ski has been flipped... Ron

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    Ive always been curious which way you roll over a 4tec but after reading the OM it says it doesnt matter. As far as I know there should be nothing you need to do if you roll them over other than check the oil..

    Please correct me if Im wrong(or if the OM is wrong).

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    In theory the water box is full of water so you always want to right the craft with the water box lower then the exhaust. So roll in the direction of the water box.

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    I've rolled mine a coupla times....before it got it's first mod. Each time I rolled it back over after a coupla on 'bout my business.

    No problem.

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