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    1997 stx impellar coming off

    I am posting this for a friend. He has a 1997 Kawasaki 1100 stx he just did a rebuild on his pump (new bearings and shaft) and now he goes out for rides if he starts to take any waves his impellar turns off the impellar shaft! what is the foot pounds he has to put on his impellar to shaft? has any one had this problem before?

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    Actually its 72 ftlb not inlb

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    OK 72 ftlb's! Is there enough room on the impellar shaft for the impellar to un screw?
    With the rotation of the the engine, you would think the impellar wouldn't have a chance of coming un done! How much play is the impellar to recive the shaft

    Has any one been successful on tightening the impeller to the shaft without using the impeller spline tool?

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    The same problem

    Hey Billman,
    I have a 1100 stx and the impeller is backing off. It doesn't make sense, the impeller is positioned on the driveshaft spline but yet it is backing off the theads on the impeller shaft. In theory the impeller must turn at the same speed as the drive shaft as it has no where else to go but on the splines. How is it able back spin off of the threaded impeller shaft and be positioned on the driveshaft when I pull the pump and to be sitting on the drive shaft all alone. Even if the impeller was able to spin off against the natural torque of the engine there is not enough free play to come off the drive shaft spline in order to back off on the threads. I don't get it...totally stumped. When the pump is all bolted up there is no free play in the driveshaft. I have pulled the pump assembly apart and torqued everything up as well as adding thread lock, I will let it cure for 24-48 hours before taking it out for another try. Any thoughts???


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    All good now

    I just wanted to give anyone that was following this thread an update. I still don't know how it is possible for the impeller to come off of the threaded impeller shaft and be sitting on the splines of the driveshaft but after having a couple of friends help me appy the recommended tourque (I didn't have an impeller wrench at the time) everything seems to be working great.

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