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    97 Waveventure 1100 PTO rod lost

    So looking at a buddies wv for him since he heard a clank while on the water.. UH oh I thought.. Yet hoping the best..

    Nope.. Pto piston 0psi. Pulled the head, exhaust and saw the rod poking out the side of the case. Ouch..

    So trying to see what really caused this and trying to see what it is going to cost him to replace/repair. The top half of the case is obviously trash, the pto sleeve has a crack also on the tail of it. Check out the album

    See the photo album at the following link.

    We ordered a sbt engine, I found a core case from M-M Marine. So I took the carbs apart and it has the update already and the 1.2 n/s
    So what exactly should the pop-off be on the 1100. I have 1=58psi 2=51psi 3=70psi I can see a bit of wear on the needles so we are getting new n/s but what should we be at...

    Also notice that the fuel pump diaphram is about to go so doing a rebuild there.
    I have uploaded the yamaha carb update pdf also. Which shows yamaha wanting the pto carb to be a dif spring than 1 and 2.

    FYI.. when pulling the cases apart to get the crank out none of the seals look damaged at all.

    I have a thread on the other forum. p w c but most of the time.. I get my Yamaha info from greenhulk

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    K engine is in.. everything hooked up , just have to put carbs in... any ideas on the popoff?

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    put gas in.. and fired it up... just for a sec.. going to put the low and high back to what the repair manual says.. just to be rich and safe..

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    Can't hurt to be a little rich. If you're really motivated to save some fuel, run it a little bit and check the spark plug on the pto cylinder. If it's drastically darker than the other plugs reduce fuel a little; if its lighter in color, add fuel...

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    well i ran the first tank of 32:1 and seems ok.. got 2gals of 50:1 in and ran it for a bit and brought it home pulled plugs and rechecked compression still just under 125psi, And checked plugs and the front two are wet and pto plug is dry and brown.. even the top of the piston is the same. 1,2 are wet also.

    Of course i still have the pto carb with the silver spring which results in a higher popoff. I did have the screws all set to the settings per the service manual not the carb update..

    So opinions..

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    added pictures
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    so anyone have any ideas? if that is normal? I am thinking it kinda looks normal.. but what would lean look like.

    Should i put the pto carb spring to match the other two even though it has the update return

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    went to the lake.. warmed up put new plugs in.. old ones were looking good.. borrowed a snapon bk5500 scope and looked at piston wash.. posted on pwcto__y
    Gave the ski back to it's owner...


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