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    96 GSX idle seems to be on vacation

    I'm having a small issue and was hoping for some input. Thinking this is a great question for 96XPSS.

    I've been riding my 96 GSX for the last couple weekends (ocean) and she's been running great and idling as per manual which is 3000 RPM out of the water and 1500 RPM in the water.

    It feels like upon my last ride for the weekend my idle wants to go on vacation - here's what I mean.

    Out of the water when I go to start it, she starts at around 1500 RPM and slowly works it's way up to 3000 RPM, takes about 10-15 seconds. Then she idles perfectly. The other day it'll hit 3000 RPM immediatley.

    When I put her in the water it's takes quit a few starts and constantly working the throttle, starting at about 1000 RPM before she moves up to a solid 1500 RPM. The other day it'll hit 1500 RPM immediatley.

    Today the ski shut off on me while letting it idle in the water, switched to reserve and took quite a few starts.

    Yes I've changed out all my fuel lines, recently rebuilt the carb, new fuel filters which look spotless, all that good stuff.

    On a side note, it's a 15GAL. fuel tank and I have about 1-2 inches of fuel from the bottom (guessing about 2 gals of fuel remaining), fuel selector at reserve.

    Before having this issue I had plenty of gas (about 8-10GAL), you think it's just a simple case of not enough in the gas tank? Didn't have a chance to fill her up.

    Thanks guys.

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    Did you clean your fuel selector switch? They tend to gum up bad with the grey fuel lines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neversatisfiedmotorsports View Post
    Did you clean your fuel selector switch? They tend to gum up bad with the grey fuel lines.
    +1 on this. will most definitely run out of gas with only 1-2" in the tank. It would be advisable not to ever run it this low. 2" sitting still, then sloshing around in the much angle and g's does it take to slosh all the fuel away from the pickup? Hardly any, would be the answer.

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    I did clean out my fuel selector when I changed out my fuel lines. I figured the only thing that changed was my gas level. Being the end of the weekend I thought I'd fill the ski up next weekend so I kept riding. Once this started I didn't fill her up & as a result didn't check above symptoms with a full tank. Hopefully this is it. I'll keep you guys posted. Thanks for reply

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