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Thread: Engine Trouble?

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    Engine Trouble?

    Has anybody out there been having problems with there sho cutting off and then not wanting to crank? I am constantly having problems with this. Its been to two seperate dealers and i still can't get either an explanation or a solution to this problem. It doesn't happen all the time in fact the problem didn't start till i hit 60 hours. Once i hit 60 it was every additional 10 like clockwork,now i have 85.6 hours on it and the problem is getting worse. If anybody has an idea why this continues to happen or if you have had this same problem please let me know.

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    "J" glad to see your post. You forgot to mention that this is a 08 SHO that he has had a little over a year now New from the dealer. When Jason first started having this problem the ski would not start for about 10 mi. When he did get it started it was blowing out white smoke. The plugs looked like the ski was running real lean (whiter that my X and RXP plugs) and Of course the first dealer said they could not find any problems. Well as the dealer said "We cant fix a ghost" We went riding once more after the dealer had it and said compression was find and after 5 hours of riding they gave it back to him. The ski after that has done this a few time of times while we have beenriding. Another Dealer was instructed by Yamha put "Ring Free". He just called me and said the ski still wont start (@ his house) and this is over 5 hours later that we have left the water. I told him to call Yanaha tomorrow and get them involved.

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