So I installed my skat seal and used the heavy duty t-bar clamps. I was questioning myself thinkin that the 5/8 inch on the RXP hull would be enough to hold during my rides. Sure enough I was out on the lake yesterday when I noticed a little vibration and looked at the back of my ski. The rear of my ski was already underwater and then my ski started to run rough, I pulled the lanyard grabbed my truck keys and tow line, jumped off the ski and attached the tow line to the front of my ski and the other end to my ankle. By the time I did that (about 45 seconds) my RXP was submerged past the seat line and still sinking. I had about 200 yards to swin to shore and it took me about an hour!

I you're thinking about bildge pumps as saving grace think again - you will sink when these seal come free.

I guess my only option is to go back to the carbon seal since the seals do not hold - it's just a matter of time before you sink!! The seal helped with cavitation but that doesn't matter when you ski sinks. Now I need to find out what to do before I try to start it.

WHY ARE THESE SEALS BEING SOLD? There are no instructions regarding cutting the seal to make it fit before or after the circlip channel on the RXP drive shaft. Does anyone have a picture of your RXP skat seal that they can share here?