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    No catchcan for salt riders??

    Just got done putting a custom catchcan on my 05 rxp and low and behold just also saw a post about how salt riders need the extra blowby oil gas vapor to coat the throttle body etc since the salt is detrimental to engine longevity. how valid is this?????? seems to make sense to me. id change it all back but i cut my stock hose coming off the intake to the oil crankcase area to make it work with my custom catchcan.

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    Makes sense.

    Fogging it is the best move after using it.

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    i run rear air with the blowby still plumbed in as well as fogging it after each ride on the filter.... on inspections of the S/c... all looking nice with no rust or corrosion anywhere...

    and we ride in the ocean 110%

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    I run in salt with a catch can with no issues. I do fog from time to time. I wouldnt worry about it. R88

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    so whats the main concern here (with catch can) when you say fogging. are we just referring to spraying the fog oil in the spark plug holes and thats it? better put if i do run a catch can what areas of the engine are susceptible to corrosion? how do i reach my throttle body blade without taking that supercharger hose off? do i just spray in the intake? how do you do so?

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    Get the kit from seadoo for the throttle body so you can lube it up(fog it)
    i have had a catch can on my rxp for years. saltwater rider only.
    i fog the motor every time i ride. no problems. the lube kit from seadoo really helps with the throttle body from sticking.

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    how and where do you fog the motor??

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    id be more worried about the sc getting rusted up after reading all these posts on here regarding rusted sc wheels............but what i dont understand is how cum the stock intake doesnt rust the wheel up just as much?only thing i can think of is the breather?

    anyone shed light better than me on this?

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    how do you fog th motor ???

    i ride in saltwater ass the time , and everytime i use i always spray lube all over the ski

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    A nozzle is drilled and tapped into the throttle body. A length of hose is attatched to the nozzle with a capped off fitting at the other end. I have it installed on the engine cover. When finished riding and whilst flushing the boat, I simply attach the Seadoo lube spray can with straw to the fitting on the engine cover and spray in the lube/fogging oil for 5 - 10 seconds. This coats everything from the throttle body to the valves, thus fogging the engine. These kits are cheap as chips and a fantastic way to keep your internals lubed.
    My dealer supplied and installed mine for less than $80. Ill post some pics if interested

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