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    Burnt isolation material

    During a washing at my rxt 2006 model,with 92 hours,I noticed at the left inner side of the engine that the isolation material was burnt

    the ski runs at full speed,without any noise or problem..

    What do you think ,that i have to check?

    I am concerned ,if that could start a fire ...
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    You might want to try on the ski section, as it gets much more traffic than this boat section:

    I'm curious as to whether you mean isolation material or insulation. Our boats have the same engine, but doesn't need insulation because of the extra room and we're not sitting on the engine.

    The left side of your engine is where your header and J-pipe are, and when those get too hot, it's an indication that you're either running dangerously lean (possibly running at the rev limiter), or blocked waterflow to the exhaust (possible clogged intercooler).

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