Hello Everyone,

Im looking for any riders in the Miami (Dade) area that may be able to help me out.

I have a 95' raider, yes, Old School, I need help with adjusting the carbs. I have been communicating back and fourth with another rider, w/RPM 500 who has been very helpful. (However, he is from Crystal River, FL) Way far!!!

I have had issues with the ski and Im trying to get it back in running condition. Basically, Im having issue adjusting the carbs. He advised to get a TACH to check the (RPM Settings)

So Im asking for help from anyone in the Dade County area who is willing to help me out and perhaps can help me get these carbs set.

I plan on taking the ski to the Lake over by 49th ave and 7th (Airport Lake) to work on it today. If anyone has a TACH or has experience adjusting carbs and is willing to help me out, please send me a message or email me.

I really want to get this ski running like it used to several years ago, and I have made some mods to it, such as vf reeds, air intake, cdi, etc..

Im tight on cash and cant afford to get a mecahnic so, I have done most of the work myself. The carbs were rebuilt about a month ago.

Thanks !!!

I can