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    What Mods Void Factory/Extended Warranty?

    Does anyone know which mods would void the factory or extended warranty. Does the Motec void the warranty? I ask because according to Riva their ECU for Sea Doo voids the warranty.

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    It mainly depends on the dealer and how willing they are to work with you.

    An aftermarket ECU most definitely voids the warranty.

    NORMALLY, bolt on parts like rideplates, intake grates, intakes, FF exhausts will not void it, but the dealer may give you a hard time about them as mine did. I had a bearing behind the impeller start making noise the other day and found water in the nose cone which most definitely is the cause. Took it in to fix under warrantly and they are giving me hell about the boost gauge on the top deck, my repitched stock impeller, and me having the pump apart to diagnose the problem myself. They didn't even mention the aftermarket intercooler, intake, and exhaust. I think they're going to work with me becasue they know my fairly mild level of mods probably did not casue the bearing to go bad, but not all dealers are as helpful as mine. I still got an earfull from the service manager/owner though about messing with anything on the ski.

    Probalby not the exact answer you were looking for, but it's not exactly a black and white issue. There's a lot of gray area it seems to me.

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    I think my dealer's willingness to help me is directly proportional to the amount of fuel on board for their "water test" procedure.

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    What Mods Void Factory/Extended Warranty?

    Everything!!.........until proven otherwise

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