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    98 Polaris SLTX needs a new engine.

    Hey guys. I need to replace the 1050 engine in the SLTX. I was wondering if the 1200 engine is worth the hassle to swap in. What all is needed to do this swap? If the cost is going to be to high then I guess I will put in a 1050 again. I wanted to get more power then what the 1050 had, and thought that the 1200 would be better. Any thoughts or suggestions???

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    The 1200 engine will bolt right in. If you buy the entire engine including carbs, you won't need to re-jet your old carbs.

    You will need a 1200 CDI for the ignition. Pre-2000 engines have two ignition versions, original and Update Kit. The stator and CDI must be of the same type.

    Update Kit and post 2000 ignitions are the most reliable.

    You can check whether the exhaust system parts are the same - click here.

    The impeller in the jet pump will need to change to match the added engine power. An impeller from another 3 seater 1200 model would be the best match.

    Would you be installing the 1200 engine in stock form, or doing some upgrades?

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    Polaris SLTX 1050

    Yea, I was just wondering if the swap is worth the hassle. I was wondering if the extra cost is going to be worth it or not. So would I have to get the 1200 with the carbs, cdi, stator, and impeller? How about the flywheel? I have to look at the total cost to go to the 1200 then decide if its worth it or just replace the engine with another 1050. I was looking for more power thats why I was thinking of going to the 1200. As for upgrades, I probably would stay with a stock 1200, unless I can get a modified 1200 that is reasonable in cost.

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    The 1200 will bolt right in. Your 98 1050 has 40mm carbs,same as the 1200,you will need to change jets. I'm pretty sure your ignition will work,you will need to check it when running,it might have a different timing curve and not hit top RPM's.If you have the updated ign stator,you could just replace the CDI. The flywheel is the same.
    Are you comparing prices of rebuilt engines or shopping for used engines?

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    Call Ronnie at Sharp's Marine. I had him do a 1200 for my friend last summer. '99 1050 that needed rebuilt. Put a new 1200 crank in it, bored it, ported, heads. Then just went with Pro1200 CDI and jetting.

    Ski hauls @ss! And it was very very reasonably priced.

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