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    Seadoo HX 720 Manifold Issue

    This problem has happened 4 times now after riding for about an hour. My problems is the manifold bolts to the pipe keep coming out. The 3 allen screws & the stud with a nut. Also the 2 bolts that hold the pipe to the motor keep coming out. I have torqued these down w/ locktite and everything. The bolts feel good going in (not sloppy or cross threaded). Any ideas?? I need this resolved quickly so i can get my dependability back.

    A little background, i do ride hard, lots of air, etc.. No aftermarket upgrades besides ride plate & intake grate. Both motor mounts feel tight.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I may look new here but i am always visiting this site & reading up.

    Thanks Brian

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    Replace the rubber bushings and the metal sleeve on the pipe support. Make sure you have the right washers on all the bolts. Thickness and size counts. Blue locktite on all hardware. Also check the engine mounts.

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