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Thread: turbo problems

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    turbo problems

    I have a msx 150 it has only 28hrs on it and has been through 3 turbos right know it is acting up again and will not go over 40mph. the dealer says it will be another turbo. I was wondering if it might be something else because i dont see this many turbos going out so soon also it is ran mostly in salt walter thanks again

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    Where are you located?

    You might want to start by calling Randy at Watcon.

    Has the shop explained exactly what is wrong with the turbo?

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    Turbo rebuilds

    I offer a turbo service.

    Watcon will be closed Thursday thru Monday, July 16th – Monday July 20th.
    We will be open again on Tuesday morning July 21st. Our online order pages will still be operating. You can always fax any orders or questions to 360 692-2285.

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    so i was wondering are the turbos not good in salt water what I cant fiqure out is you put a brand new one on and in 5 to ten hrs it stops I was wondering if it might be the waste gate I here read alot about them could the salt water be jamming it up

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    I can answer this one, If you do not get all of the foregin debris from the intake and exhaust tracks. You are asking for a nightmare. It would be similar to flying a jet plane, Inducing a bird.. damn birds.. Fixing the engine and not getting the leftovers out of the intake.. Make sense?

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