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    Carbon Ring Install

    Is it common not to have to use the special tool to replace the Carbon ring on the drive shaft. I was able to compress the ring and boot enough to slip on the c clip on shaft. On others I have had to use the tool. After replacing the ring I took it to the water my boat ran just fine for about 10 minutes then it started to ventilate bad. Let it cool off and and pressed the support ring it moved just a little. Let it be for the night and rode it Hard the next day no ventalating at all.

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    You can get it out without the tool but it is usually not that easy especially by yourself unless you are strong as hell. I use the tool myself.

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    I'm 5'9" 155 wet and weak as hell (I'd be lucky to bench 140) and I was able to remove everything without the special tool or help. Took me a little while and some 4 letter words, but it is removeable by hand.

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    It's a b*tch getting it out yourself, the proper tools do help so that you dont' puncture the seal and leak oil, I'm 6'2" and it was very hard to finese the shaft in and out without scraping your knuckles on the veins.
    Oh sh*t, That statement didn't sound too good!

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