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    Disaster on 05 RXP Stage 3

    Guys i want to first say thanks to all who enjoy this sport and provide us with helpful hints tips etc....My ski has been a nightmare since 2005 when i started modding it....Its had new valves, new rocker arms, new sc etc...So lets fast forward to this yr...I sent my sc for rebuild etc to The Man and he pointed out that i had a few nicks dings etc and the wrong knutt on the S3 riva...Very Good info for a dumbarse like me, anyways the sc when bolted back on sound diff etc...Didnt think anythiong of it tho and off we went ...4 hrs on the SC and the shaft broke and entered the motor and locked it up. It was an 06 shaft kit etc...has this happened to anyone else??Also, motor is not apart yet, what should i look for ?? Any tips or ideas are appreciated...I will be neeedin a sc (rude 1) or better and a motor (used) so anyone that has either let me know...Thanks again...I will be going from s3 FULL set up to rude etc..I will need fuel reg...what else?? should i get a 15/20 or 15/22???been running a 15/19 3 blade...thanks everyone

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    any info on what happened?

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    He has install a ET sc rrfpr open loop cooling he replaced the motor now it looks like his hull is have issues now the big D word.

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